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Enaksha Punjab application for approval of drawing of the plot. If you are an architect or engineer, you can make your licence with ULB and able to upload files for approval of the house plan digitally.

A proper colour scheme is given to the drawing of the plot, which can be provided according to the user manual of enaksha.

You can also download sample drawings of plots for help.

The user manual and the sample drawings are very helpful to make drawings to upload on enaksha.

In other words, follow the steps given in the user manual.

Steps to download sample drawings from enaksha:

  1. Open the site of enaksha on your browser(mozilla firefox recommended)
  2. Login into your account which you registerted with.
  3. In the menu bar click on help and go to the smaple drawing option
  4. Here are two options residential and commercial. Both have three sample drawings.

Note: The sample drawings can only be downloaded in the Mozilla Firefox browser.

For example, below the given file is the user manual in which all instructions are given about the process of submitting a drawing online and necessary conditions which should be met to upload a file.

Parameters for colors in drawing:

However, some of the colours are provided in the site plan and some in the ground floor plan. Next important thing is that these colours are provided in layers.

Furthermore, a few colours are in line format and a few are in polyline format. I personally recommend you the Autocad architecture software for making the required drawings.

The list of colour schemes for enaksha drawing is given below:

  1. Plot boundary: colour no 7
  2. setback boundary: colour no 10
  3. covered parking area boundry: colour no 5
  4. Rain water harvesting: colour no 42
  5. Residential FAR: colour no 181
  6. Dwelling units: Colour no 230
  7. Habitation room: colour no 23
  8. Setback open space(front): colour no 120
  9. Staircase area: colour no 115
  10. Balcony: colour no 35
  11. Plantation: colour no 36
  12. OTS, cutout, ducts: colour no 3
  13. Bounding rectangle: colour no 61
  14. Plot frontage or Plot width: colour no 96(open polyline)
  15. Ventilator: colour no 102
  16. Windows for habitation room: colour no 103
  17. Kitchen area: colour no 25
  18. Toilet area: colour no 81
  19. Front setback: colour no 4
  20. Side 1 setback: colour no 6
  21. Side 2 setback: colour no 2
  22. Rear setback: colour no 3
  23. Floor height: colour no 10
  24. Height of building: colour no 151
  25. Total height of the building: colour no 233
  26. Toilet area: colour no 81
  27. NTS objects boundary: colour no 41
  28. Road width: colour no 41
  29. Kitchen height: colour no 25
  30. Entry and exit gate: colour no 161
  31. Habitable room door width: colour no 22
  32. Non-habitable room door width: colour no 82
  33. Staircase width: colour no 191
  34. Tread of staicase: colour no 190
  35. Staircase riser: colour no 192
  36. Handrail: colour no 193
  37. Headroom height: colour no 211

Now prepare your file and submit a drawing on enaksha Punjab application for drawing.

In the end, your architect’s skills help you, so best of luck with your future work. To create an id on enaksha whether you should register with COA or you have to take permission from the municipal council. For permission, you should have the degree and diploma related to your work.

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