A misconception or false notion (वहम)- Mental Disorder

As you read the heading you understood the concept. Most people do not live with reality but make misconceptions in their minds and live all their life with these false notions. The misconception is the wrong assumption about something which we see, feel and understand is real but the reality is different from our thoughts … Read more

How is being healthy and having good nutrition really important to our lives?


Having good nutrition in life is important for our lives and in this period of time getting healthy nutrition is a big task on its own. A healthy diet is important and essential for good health and nutrition. A healthy diet is a combination of Cereals(rye, barley, wheat, maize) Starchy tubers or roots Lentils and … Read more

How do I convince the mind to study? (2022)

The answer to this question is different for everybody. Because everybody faces different distractions during the study. First of all, you have to understand that you know nothing and you are reading to learn something new from your study. Convincing your mind to study is a difficult task on its own. You only get benefit … Read more

What is peace and how to get it?


Soon or later in the near future people forget or do not feel peace. Because humanity getting complex with the passage of time. Everybody is so fussed in life that you doesn’t have time for family, friends or children. The main focus of most people is money and if not then they are indulged inhumanly … Read more

Are we frustrated from life In this modern period?

frustration leads to depression

Yes partially from my side I think that we are frustrated from our life or lifestyle in this modern period. Technology changed so many things and it makes it easy to do things. Because of this people left nothing to do in their free time which creates frustration in our heads. Many of us struggle … Read more

Lose Weight and Stay Fit or Health in Life

Weight loss

You can lose weight and stay fit by changing your habits. There are a few steps with the help of which you can stay fit like chewing your food properly and doing exercise in the morning and evening. People follow a concise diet although it is good it is not the only method. And staying … Read more

Important points to get success


In this period of modern times, everybody wants to get success in life. But people do not know the true meaning of success. The meaning of success is different for everyone. So here are some important points to get success in life. Money may be a success for you or happiness means success for you. … Read more

How to Improve the Immunity of the body?

In this Corona period, everybody has to improve his immunity. Immunity is the power everybody has to fight with Coronavirus. There are a lot of factors that help in improving immunity. Now question arrived that how to improve the immunity of the body? Stress is the major point to discuss. Due to covid crisis everybody … Read more

Morning walk is the cure of laziness and all diseases

This is to say, a Morning walk is good for our full body and mind. It helps in improving the digestion system of the human body. Morning walk provides all day’s freshness in our body. Morning walk is necessary for a healthy lifestyle and it is the cure for laziness and all diseases. Firstly, you … Read more

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