Nomad Shubham – By Choice Hitchhiker and Travel Vlogger – Biography

Nomad Shubham and Nastya

Nomad Shubham is an Indian travel vlogger and he started traveling at the age of 16 after completing his secondary education. At this age, he decided to travel instead of further studies. He visited 20 countries and 19 states of India until now. He hitchhiked more than 50,000+ Kms. Hitchhiking is the way of traveling … Read more

Interesting Facts about Japan that you may not know earlier

Facts about Japan

It is a country about which we already know but very less people know the interesting facts about Japan. It is an island country in East Asia. Japan is famous for its natural sights, technology, politeness, punctuality, anime, foods like ramen and sushi. Facts about Japan Japanese lives longest Japanese has a higher life expectancy … Read more

Must-Visit famous Tourist Places in India 2022 (A Definitive Guide)-1

famous tourist places in India

There are a lot of interesting tourist places in India. As I mentioned I only share with you the places which I think are famous tourist places in India for you to travel across India. Firstly, If you are a foreigner and travelling first time to India then I Welcome you to India. Travelling to … Read more

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