Katie Couric (Image Source: Flickr/Paul Kagame)

Katie Couric is an American Journalist who started her career  in  1979 at ABC news at Washington D.C.

Katie Couric (Image Source: Flickr/Yahoo)

Recently on June 21, she is diagnosed with breast cancer. After that she underwent for surgery and now taking radiation therapy.

Katie Couric (Image Source: Flickr/image editor)

she is married to John Paul in 1989 and has two daughters Ellie and Carrie. Her husband is died due to Colorectal Cancer in 1998. Now she is married to John Molner.


She won the hall of the fame award in 2004.

Katie Couric (Photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class David R. Quillen)L

Katie Couric born in 7 January 1957 in Arlington, Virginia, U.S. She is currently 65 years old but looks younger than her age.