How to do SEO of a blogpost to rank in search results?

1. Firstly, choose a long tail keyword with good traffic. Also put this keyword in title and first paragraph of blogpost. The title should be written in such a way that it attracts people's attention.

 2. Write a minimum 1000 words long content. The content should contain value and it should be unique.  Do not copy or edit someone else's content on your website. As it negatively effects your site.

3. Give citation and reference to the details and content that you pic from another website. It increases the trust factor in audience and build authenticity.

4. Provide external and internal links in the blogpost without use of no follow tag. When you give credit to somebody then there is a good chance of getting a backlink.

5. Backlinks are very important for a blog to rank to search results. It increases the domain authority. So try to produce linkable content.

6. Using images in the blogpost increases the ability of a blogpost to rank higher. Also select a featured image for a blogpost.  The image shout contain focused keyword in alt test and caption of the image.

7. Use Headings in the blogpost properly. Title should be in H1 heading and try to use more heading in the blogpost with H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6 headings.

8. Meta tags, categories, and post description are very important for a blogpost to rank higher. Use headings and focused keyword in tags and choose category which is related to the topic.

9. Use HTML anchor or table of content plugins, Tables, lists, breadcrumbs, etc. increases the chances of ranking.

10. Search engines consider more than 200 factors to rank a site or blogpost. So try to be honest in your blogpost and keep it simple and authentic.

11. A blogpost cans take 180 days or more to rank in search results but remember that your blogpost should be indexed. Check for errors on your site if it has coverage issues. Your site should be working properly.  Updating your previous post also increases the chance of rank higher.

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