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Kill Movie (still from the official trailer)

Kill Movie (2024) – Review

Kill movie is best in terms of action and brutality. There is no such film made in Bollywood before. If you watched the Animal movie then this movie is a great treat for you. I think it is one step ahead in terms of brutality and bloodshed.

There is a very short story buildup and the whole movie is in the train. It is shown that the train is approached by a bunch of thieves or ducats, who belong to the same family. There are back-to-back fight scenes and brutal killings in the movie.

If you are going to watch the movie then make your heart strong because how people are killed in the movie can’t be seen on the big screen. You left shocked after watching the movie. The film is very fast-paced with a run time of 1 hour and 55 minutes.

There is a beast inside Amrit, who is a commando, which rises when Fani kills Tunika (the love of Amrit). He is the main character of the movie who got mad after losing his love and killed the thieves in a very bloodthirsty way.

I personally loved the action in the movie and you feel the connection with Lakshaya aka Amrit when her love Tunika is killed and he gets mad and becomes more ruthless.

One thing that I can surely tell about the movie is that it is worth watching a movie and deserves every penny spent on it. There should be more such movies without any songs and promotions just pure content that most movies nowadays lack.

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Vinay Garg
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