I have a small podcast named Vinay Garg on self-improvement on all podcasting platforms. Basically, I share my personal experiences which may be helpful for you or may not. Podcasting is currently a new concept for many audiences and they love the traditional methods of content. But podcasts are evolving over time. If you like my podcast they do not forget to like and share.

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Now, some of you ask questions that it is not on Apple podcasts. But in the near future, you also can see it there. For now, listen across these platforms and share with your friends.

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About me

What is Podcast?

The podcast is a series of digital audio files that users can listen to online or download to listen. It is more like an FM radio which people listen to in the 90s. Listening to someone is a fun thing for many of us. Many people love to listen to music but this is more like talking to someone.

Content is changing forms over time and people are grasping it. The Podcast is just another name of radio. I personally share my voice and talk on topics that may help to improve myself and to you with my personal experiences, thoughts, suggestions, perspective etc. with you through my podcast.

In conclusion, I am personally giving meaning to my life because life is boring without purpose. My content may or may not help you but I try my best and if only one person benefitted then it means a lot to me.

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