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Nomad Shubham and Nastya

Nomad Shubham – By Choice Hitchhiker and Travel Vlogger – Biography & Much More

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Nomad Shubham is an Indian travel vlogger who started traveling at 16 after completing his secondary education. At this age, he decided to travel instead of further studies. He visited 20 countries and 19 states of India until now. He hitchhiked more than 50,000+ Km.

Hitchhiking is traveling by taking a lift from the passing by without any cost or money. It is the ride taken with strangers for free and generally travels the world.

There are a lot of travel vloggers in India but Nomad Shubhum is an extreme traveler.

Nomad is a word that means a member of the community who regularly moves from one place to another without any proper means of habitation that’s why he called himself Nomad Shubham.

Nomad Shubham
Nomad Shubham (Image Source: His Instagram)

Nomad Shubham’s full name is Shubham Yadav and he belongs to a middle-class family from Bhagalpur, Bihar. He is born in 2002 and attained success early in life.

The video or TEDx Talk of Tomislav Perko that is shown below is the inspiration for him to travel. He watched the video many times and thought that he can also do that so started traveling at a very early age.

He is doing preparation for IIT in Kota and left his study to follow his passion. He saw some videos on how to apply for a passport and visa.

How to travel the world without money


NameNomad Shubham
Date of Birth2 December 2002
Age20 years (As of 2 Dec 2022)
Height5′-6″ (Approx)
Zodiac SignAries
Belongs toBihar, India
GirlfriendNastya (Russian)

Nomad Shubham is a travel vlogger and he belongs to Bihar, India. Her parents live a very simple life in the village. He is a full-time vlogger and YouTuber and most videos are with Nastaya.

Nomad Shubham’s YouTube Income

I can not tell you his exact income of him from YouTube because it depends on views and CPC. So if you want to get an idea of his income then go to Socialblade or similar platforms and search for his channel from where you can get the Idea of his income. Currently, it is 3k to 60k Dollars.

Countries visited by Nomad Shubham

  1. India
  2. Russia
  3. China
  4. Malaysia
  5. Cameroon
  6. Afghanistan
  7. Cambodia
  8. Thailand
  9. Myanmar
  10. Uzbekistan
  11. Kazakhstan
  12. Azerbaijan
  13. Turkey
  14. Tanzania
  15. Laos
  16. Zanzibar
  17. Iraq
  18. Dubai
  19. Ukraine
  20. Kurdistan
  21. Kenya
  22. Ethiopia
  23. Sudan

Nomad Shubham Instagram

Nomad Shubham’s Girlfriend’s Name

Nastya is the rumored girlfriend of Nomad Shubham and he is from Russia. It is not official but they are best friends and are often seen in vlogs together.

Nomad and Nastya are currently traveling with each other to countries like Turkey, Africa, Egypt, etc which can be seen on his YouTube channel.

They are very close to each other Shubham also took her to his village in Bihar. She also appeared in her vlogs. Now Shubham’s most vlogs are with her.

Nomad Shubham and Nastya
Nomad Shubham and Nastya (Image Source: His Instagram)

Few Vlogs of Nomad Shubham




First YouTube Video of Shubham

Social Profiles

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    Dear typical Idiot from India,
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    Check her instagram and don’t spread fake news.
    So cringe of you.

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      Hey, I just got this information from the internet if it is not true then I will update same.

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