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Best Indian Travel Vloggers on YouTube

Today we are going to discuss about the best Indian travel vloggers on YouTube. Travel vloggers are more popular today in India. People love to watch lifestyle, travel, and hitch hacking vlogs.

Indians are getting into youtube with their own creative videos as YouTube can be a source of income.

So, here in this post, I share details bout some of the best Indian travel vloggers.

There are a lot of vloggers in India. Indian YouTubers who are entertaining us with their videos also started creating vlogs.

Some of the vloggers’ names are given below:

  1. Flying beast
  2. Nomad Shubham
  3. Dhruv Rathi vlogs
  4. Namastejuli
  5. Flop YouTuber
  6. Ishan goyal
  7. Sourav Joshi vlogs
  8. Kritika Goel
  9. Jacqueline Fernandez
  10. Mumbiker Nikhil

More you can search through Google and youtube. People are eager to watch it because they are interested in the lifestyle of other countries and other people.

Globalization and the internet bring close the people around the world.

People all around the world are contacted with the help of the internet and social media.

Vloggers travel across the world experience the world and earn enough amount to live and travel.

Sometimes vloggers get a free stay at hotels and places due to their popularity.

To become a vlogger lot of courage and effort are required.

First, you have to live outside your home for a very long time and second, you should be open to cameras around everyone.

In spite of that exception is always there but this is the simple and straight method.

I want to give you a piece of advice if you want to become a successful YouTuber then don’t stop creating videos in spite of whether there are subscribers or not.

It is inspiring to travel the world and explore life.

Everything in the world has its pros and cons, choice is yours how to live your life.

For example, A travel vlogger Nomad Shubham from Bihar travels the world by hitch hacking and on his first journey he doesn’t have enough and not his family members know about it.

camera(Travel vloggers
Camera (Travel Vloggers)

Nomad Shubham :

Firstly, he goes to Kota to train for cracking exams but his interest is traveling across the world, so he packs his backpack and leaves for his first experience of hitch hacking.

he started creating and recording video content.

Rest is upon you and you can do anything.

At the start, it doesn’t have too many subscribers but now it has more than a million subscribers and earns a good amount of money.

So you need passion to do something good in life and follow your inner instinct.

The conclusion of this post is that everything is possible, you just do what you like and try to monetize it.

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Vinay Garg
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