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How many Songs are in Moosetape? (2021)

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Sidhu Moosewala is an Indian or Punjabi rapper, singer, lyricist, producer etc. and Moosetape is Sidhu Moosewala`s new album released officially on his YouTube channel.

Shubdeep is releasing back to back his songs on YouTube. The music of all youtube videos is prepared by The Kidd, snappy, jb, Wazir Patar and Steel Banglez.

Here a question arrived that how many songs are in the Moosetape, so the list of all songs is given below.

There are so many collaborations in this album like with divine, Rajakumari, Tiyon Wayne, Morrison etc.

You can hear all songs of Moosewala on his official YouTube channel.

He lives in a small village of Punjab named Moosewala and his real name is Shubdeep Singh Sidhu.

If you don’t know it then now it will remember by you.

This album is recognized by Wikipedia in which you get all the related info.


Songs in Moosetape :

  1. Moosetape intro
  2. Bitch I’m back
  3. Burberry
  4. Racks and round ft. Satinder kahlon
  5. Us ft. Rajakumari
  6. Moosedrilla ft. divine
  7. Boo call (skit)
  8. Brown shortie ft. Sonam Bajwa
  9. Aroma
  10. Real one (skit)
  11. Goat
  12. Sidhuson
  13. Chacha hu (skit)
  14. Me and my girlfriend
  15. These days ft. Bohemia
  16. Ultimatum (skit)
  17. Signed god
  18. Pind hood damn good (RMG intro)
  19. Malwa block
  20. B&w
  21. Celebrity killer ft. Tiyon Wayne
  22. Invincible ft. Stefflon don
  23. Amli talk (skit)
  24. G shit ft. Black boi twitch
  25. Trail day
  26. Calaboose
  27. Facts (skit)
  28. 295
  29. Idgaf ft. Morrison
  30. Power

It has a total of 30 songs in it including skits and collaborations all around the world.

He has too many subscribers on his YouTube channel.

I think it is maximum for a Punjabi individual artist.

Sidhu Moosewala also takes copyright for every song which you can see in the description of the song on YouTube. Now Moosewala doesn’t require any label because he is a self-made label.

Moosetape Trailer :

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