How do I convince the mind to study? (2022)

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The answer to this question is different for everybody. Because everybody faces different distractions during the study. First of all, you have to understand that you know nothing and you are reading to learn something new from your study. Convincing your mind to study is a difficult task on its own. You only get benefit from this post if read till the end by all your focus here.

Nobody can study regularly for 10 hours or 12 hours. you have to take short breaks to convince or recreate your mind for study. Before getting to the question understand the following questions.

You have to clear a few questions in your mind that are:

  1. Why you are studying?
  2. What is purpose of your study?
  3. How can Study benefit you?
  4. where you should study?

There are many questions but I think these few questions are more important.

Why are you studying?

You should clear your mind first with that why are you studying? if you want to focus on your study then it is important to understand. If you are studying because everybody is studying or you are running in a rat race because you are trained to do it then you are fussed in your life. your goal should be yours not others.

If your motive the studying is to earn money by getting a job then you are like many others. You do not need to study to earn money, these two things are totally different. You have to make your goal like service a good area or work for a good cause. You can change the world with your knowledge, so focus on that.

Nowadays, you can see everyone is preparing for govt job and having a degree. But they are not getting jobs because they see no other way. In the end, I advise you that do what you want to do not what the world is inspiring you.

What is the Purpose of study?

According to my opinion, the purpose of the study is to learn something new and apply it to our life. But for many others, the purpose is to get a good job or social status and that is a big trap there.

If you think that it gives you good life definitely yes, But you have to go through daily routine work and can not able to do different things daily. I am telling you that do not follow the technical way but make your purpose bigger than your life which is enthusiastic and inspiring.

All I am telling are my views and you may differ or oppose that this post is just to open your mind. Make your purpose with wisdom and carefully take positive and negative sides into consideration.

How can Study benefit you?

The study can benefit you in many ways which we did not know yet. The main point is here that do not rote memorization but learn and understand fully what you are studying. If you are focusing on understanding than memorization then it will enhance your caching power.

The information is changing rapidly so memorization does not work. But if you understand thoroughly the concept then it definitely benefits you. Our belief system works an important role in our life. Some people live happily but some do not it is their belief system. Now you are thinking that how it helps you. I am just making up your mind.

It all depends on your thinking and understanding ability. The study may help you or may not but learning something daily will be your main focus and that will benefit you.

Where you should study?

After all, if you are reading till now then choosing a place to study is also a very tuff task. I think an open place is good for studying. You can read in a garden, terrace, verandah and park. You can read in the room but it should be peaceful and filled with fresh air. Tell me in the comment box where you study.

You may have different choices for places for studying. In this world, everybody has a different understanding so their choices are different.

Convincing your mind is a not difficult task it is easy for you to convince your mind. I hope this post is relatable to you and if not then please tell me in the comments.

For more information see the education section.

Vinay Garg
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