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Share Market

Share Market of India – Basic Guide

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Share market is the money pool of any economy and it makes some people rich and some poor.

All is the circulation of money on the basis of shares. Here I provide the basic information for beginners in the share market.

Basic information of share market

The share market is the place where we can buy and sell shares of a company.

Shares can be held for a long and short period.

By buying the shares of the company we can become one of the partners or stakeholders of the company. 

To become the value investor in any company you should own more than 1% of that company.

Share market or equity market where anyone with a Demat and a trading account can take part in the trading of shares.

It is not meant for everyone, the modern share market is online and there are a lot of terms that can’t be understandable by a normal person.

You have to take through knowledge of everything related to the share market.

Share Market
Share Market

How can we buy shares?

  1. First, Open your trading account with broker.
  2. Search the stock you want to buy.
  3. Click on the stock yo want to buy and then select the buy option.
  4. Fill the required quantity of the stock and price upon which you want to buy.
  5. Select for intraday or long term.
  6. You can select for stop loss option also.
  7. Now hit the buy option.
  8. You can check the status of your order in order menu.

What is the SEBI?

SEBI is the Stock Exchange Board of India.

All share market activities are done under the supervision of SEBI.

If your broker frauds with you then you can complain about it to SEBI and SEBI took action against it.

SEBI deposits securities from brokers and your shares are mostly safe in the Demat account and you can retrieve them if your broker runs away.

What are CDSL and NSDL?

CDSL – Central Depositary Securities Limited

NSDL – National Securities Depositary Limited. 

Both NSDL and CDSL (financial organisations) are held securities of such as bonds, shares etc.

NSDL is Mumbai based and CDSL is Delhi based.

You can trade with Zerodha, Upstox, Groww, Angel Broking, Share Khan etc.

How do Share Prices Increase or Decrease?

The price of a share increases or decreases according to its demand, supply, liabilities, profits and many more facts.

It is affected by factors like demand, company’s performance, Net worth, revenue, growth rate, company’s market percentage, country’s economy etc.

But If a company is performing well and in profits for many years then the company give you good returns over time.

Therefore, If you want to full detail of a company then you have to read the balance sheet of a company and other company documents.

How to open a Trading account?

Opening a share market account is very easy nowadays.

You just have to find a broker online and fill in all the necessary details carefully.

Your broker will help you in the opening of an account.

You can open with Zerodha or Upstox. 

There are many more brokers available in the market and you can trade with any of them. I am using Zerodha, so I prefer Zerodha, up there is a short video to see the process of account opening with Zerodha.

What is an IPO?

However, IPO is an Initial Public Offering.

When any company goes public it offers its shares through IPO.

The company submits all its details to SEBI after that through an online bid shares are sold and capital is gained.

This is very basic information. For more info subscribe to my blog. You can comment below for any other information. To read my other post on investing just click here.

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