Everybody should be Fond of a Stress-free Life

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Hey you, I think you relate to this post and financial freedom will be your goal. So that you can enjoy your only life stress-free. In addition, everyone on earth wants stress stress-free life and is fond of getting it.

We are all trapped in a cycle of earning. We can not leave it or take it. This is the sad reality. Life becomes happy when it is free from the thought of working for money.

Nervousness and fear are two major points that hold us back from success. Everyone around us is human and they are like us and nothing is different between us.

The fear is in our minds. The people we deal with are maybe our boss, elders, parents, superiors, etc. But stay light and calm in every situation. The fear brings stress to life under we stop to find a stress-free life.


The problem in our generation is that we think too much. I belong to a middle-class family like u. I think I am poor, not middle class, and maybe you also. And the main problem is money, when we think about money stress comes within. I hope you can relate to me or this post.

Most of the youth are unemployed and they think that government will provide jobs for us. But in my view, govt can’t give everybody employment. We have to take initiative for ourselves.

This is our life, not the government and government after 5 years. So go with what you think and never wait for approval, because every new idea is rejected first and it is your choice what to do.

The use of smartphones makes us lazy and blue light affects our brain and eyes and it stresses our mind. Many types of chemicals are released in the brain when we use smartphones which are not good for the body. You have to control your body and mind.

If we take stress it affects us and if not it does not affect us. Try not to stress about anything in life.

Focus on today or only this moment, Forget about all tension, pressure, work, or anything else which produces anxiety. Do What you want to do and make your life meaningful.

Rest is on yourself because it is your life nobody else can deal with it. For more tips click here.

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Vinay Garg

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