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Which is the best platform to do an online MBA?

MBA is a course that every graduate student think of doing. In this article, we read about online MBA.

But some of them can not able to do MBA from IIMs or Popular institutes because of their high fees charges.

So the question that touches our mind that how to do an MBA with fewer fees or in online or distance mode of education.

In this article, I will tell you about the platforms which are providing MBA in online mode and what are the categories or streams we can choose in Master of Business Administration.

Online MBA is fulfilling the requirement of Management professionals.

With the growth of Startups and entrepreneurs, the demand for Management skills is rapidly rising so the working professionals seeking platforms to provide online courses with relevant courses.

MBA provides a high paying job for working professionals or freshers.

Over time the change in business styles and increase in startups risen the demand for persons who have a thorough knowledge of businesses, marketing, management etc.

Now earning an MBA degree is a lot easier with the concept of an online MBA.

Many Indian business schools provide online MBA courses.

You can check the detail of the few most popular platform below.

Now let’s talk about the benefits of an online MBA.

Advantages of Online MBA

  • With the help of online MBA we get more diversity because it is not bound by physical boundaries. It gives access you to the class-rooms digitally with participants from different regions and countries.
  • In online mode of education many institues providing MBA degree in niches which are not available in offline programmes.
  • Many universities which are abroad, where every student can not study by taking visa, providing programmes for online MBA.
  • Online MBA has flexibility in time. You can attend online lectures and virtual class-rooms and it is flexible with time because most of the students are working professionals.

Eligibility criteria for online MBA

A bachelors’ from any discipline with an aggregate of 50% from a recognized university.

If you are from SC/ST cast or a PwD worker and if you have 45% marks then you can apply for an online MBA.

Platforms providing MBA course online:

  1. Coursera is the platform from which you can complete a MBA degree completely online from foriegn universities. You can learn global business skills, world class learning, flexiblity in timings and collaborative experience. You have to pay a required university fees to join the course.
  2. AMITY university providing MBA course online for its students. There are various online programes available on the site. AMITY is highly recognized by its students. You can apply for scholarships and there are lot of facilities for you which can check on its website. The total fees of MBA from AMITY in online mode is between 2-3 lakhs.
  3. UpGrad provides MBA courses with partnership of many universities. It is south Asia’s largest higher edtech company. UpGrad provides job oriented courses to its students.
  4. EDX is also a online platform which also provides online MBA courses with partership of other universities.

All these courses and platforms are highly recognizable and well appreciated by students.

Before joining any course read about all the specifications and eligibility.

I personally recommend you to go with UpGrad courses because it is the best and most supportive in nature.

There is a website called which search for you according to your requirements and queries.

It is America based site and shows you results within America.

MBA streams:

  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Information Technology
  • Logistics
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Business Management
  • Rural Management
  • Buisness Analytics
  • Event Management
  • Health care

How to Choose MBA stream or course

Firstly choosing an MBA stream is a big task who does not clear in his mind why do an MBA.

There are many fields you can choose from like marketing, finance, management consulting, operations, human resources etc.

Each stream has a special knowledge set that enhances your skills.

If you are good at maths then you can go with Finance and if you are good at selling then you can go with Sales and marketing.

So there are other fields like Human Resource which has quite good demand.

In human resources, you are placed in a company where you manage all the staff and duties.

The duty of HR is to select new employees for a company.

For the real review of a college, you can talk with the previous students of the college.

You can find those students online on social media.

Read and understand each stream in MBA. After that, it is easy for you to choose an MBA course.

There are a lot of factors which include many things to choose for the right field.

But for now, I want to suggest you go with your gut, not with the advice of somebody.

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NOTE: It is not necessary to take the entrance or admission test to join the online MBA programme.

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