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Obesity may be the reason behind unhealthy and lazy life

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Obesity is a topic that is very less talk in public but according to me, it is the reason behind most of the diseases and problems in the human body.

What is obesity?

It is the condition of the body in which our body involves excessive fat. It can be a medical concern for health problems like heart disease, diabetes, cancers, and high blood pressure.

Signs of obesity

There are some symptoms or signs that tell that you are obese.

If you have pain in the back or joints, are overweight, snoring and belly fat then there is a good chance that you have obesity.

More on the topic

We can say obesity in the body is due to taking more calories than we can burn by activities and exercises.

It occurs when our body has a mass index of more than 25. It increases the chances of health problems in our bodies.

It can be removed by changing our habits and diets. You have to put the focus on your body fitness and do more exercise daily.

Solution to obesity

There is one solution to all our problems is stay active in all your activities, do exercise daily and eat healthy food.

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Obesity(Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash)

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