What is metaverse, web 3.0 and why is it so popular?

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What is metaverse is the most asked question on the internet but very less people know in detail about it. So If you are also interested in the metaverse concept then stick with me till the end.

What is metverse?

Metaverse is the virtual world in which everything is available virtually. It is a combination of augmented reality, technology, video and users’ live experiences in the digital world. It is exciting and enthusiastic for many of us that’s why the Metaverse concept is so popular.

This is to say, Neal Stephenson in his 1992 science fiction novel “snow crash” in which he mentioned the virtual avatars who met in the 3d buildings and the other virtual places in the future. Everybody including Mark Zuckerberg and Garryvee talks about the metaverse and sees the future in this concept. It is like the internet in the early 1970s.

With the concept of the metaverse, Everything like events, parties, functions etc. will be held on digitally. It also creates jobs virtually like party attendant, Event organiser or many more others.

Furthermore, Metaverse is complicated for many of us and it is not fully developed yet. Metaverse is like internet surfing where you search everything on google but in the metaverse, you use glasses and headphones to enter virtual 3d on screen. It is the next generation internet with virtual and augmented reality. There may be many metaverses like search engines. It is more like the new version of the internet or we can say it as Web 3.0.

If You want to know more about the metaverse then you can watch the movie Ready player one. This movie is based on the novel Ready player one and the concept of virtual reality. However, There can be a multiverse in the metaverse. Because it is a virtual world and there can be more than 1 virtual world.


Metaverse Platforms:

Firstly, You can buy land virtually and do many more things with NFT. The virtual land can be your asset for earning in future. Metaverse is already implemented in Video games like Second Life. Second life is an online platform in which you can create your virtual avatar and live your second life in the virtual world.

However, San-Francisco based film Lindan lab developed the Second life and launched on June 23, 2003. Second life is similar to some online multiplier video games but Linden lab cleared that it is not a game. In second life, You can talk with other avatars, attend parties or functions.

For example, there are more other metaverse platforms like The Sandbox Alpha and Decentraland. In these platforms, you can live a virtual world. With the help of Sandbox you can create games and able to sell them as NFT.

Decentraland is the virtual world that is overseen by the non-profit Decentraland Foundation. It is in development since 2015 and launched in Feb 2020. You also can buy virtual lands with the use of MANA cryptocurrency as an NFT.

Metaverse is for open-minded people. Many people criticize it and do not know the real value. Recently Facebook changed their parent company to meta. The Facebook building or enhancing the power of metaverse. Metaverse can create new billionaires Because it is new for everyone like back in the 90s the internet. It takes time but this is the future.

If you

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Below I share the view inside The SandBox Alpha metaverse. In this metaverse, you can create and sell games, buy digital land and other virtual goods.

Vinay Garg
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