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Are we frustrated from life In this modern period?

Yes partially from my side I think that we are frustrated from our life or lifestyle in this modern period. Technology changed so many things and it makes it easy to do things. Because of this people left nothing to do in their free time which creates frustration in our heads. Many of us struggle with negative thinking or emptiness.

I am frustrated from my life inside because there is nothing to do but the only thing to do is earn money. There may be lots of reasons to have frustration like life is not according to you or life is cruel or things not happen as you think, well that’s the truth and we can not change it. But we can change ourselves however many of us do not want to change ownself. Here is the part when we start watching motivational videos. Many of the motivational speakers wash your mind for their personal purpose.

You have to focus on things which you daily do and try to change habits that create frustration for you, World is always like that and nothing gonna change until we change ourselves.

What is frustration?

When things do not happen according to us then a sensation occurs in the mind which feels bad that is frustration.

We want so much in life but when we don’t get it then frustration starts occurring in our mind and this frustration gradually leads to depression. We start thinking so much and blaming ourselves or others as a cause for it.

Beware from the world, we became but we think about others so try to see and think in a positive way towards the world.

How to overcome from Frustration or Depression?

There are a few points to pursue to overcome frustration or depression:

  • Do not overthink about materialistic things and what others think about you.
  • Keep your mind busy in work or something which you love to do.
  • Exercise on daily basis helps you to overcome from frustration.
  • Eat healthy and in limit quantity.

The main reason for frustration is we have so many desires and some of them we can’t achieve it which may cause frustration for many people who take things seriously.

Before going further keep in mind that it is your life and we have to take control of it. Nothing gonna happen tomorrow, if we think our future is better, we have to take action to make it possible. Here everything comes in your way and frustration is a part of it and you have to go through it. Life is always cruel to us.

As the title of this post is “Are We Frustrated From Life In This Modern Period?” and the answer according to me is yes. The answer for you may be different.

Books keep away the anxiety and frustration:

Book reading is also a solution to keep away the anxiety and frustration. if you want to be great then read the books of some great people, who did exceptionally well in the past. In a book, a writer puts his lifetime experience which is helpful for us.

Like now people running to become an entrepreneur and most of them doesn’t know anything about entrepreneurship. Read books to know that, book reading is a good habit to make your free time useful and anxiety free because anxiety is part of the frustration.

Books suggestion:

  1. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T Kiyosaki
  2. The Intelligent investor by Benjamin Graham
  3. Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill
  4. Marketing Management by Philip Kotlar
  5. The magic of thinking big by David J. schwartz.

There are many more books some of them given above.

If this post is helpful for you put your review in the comment box and read these books if you want to do something extraordinary in life.

Life is one and if we are frustrated by it then how can we live it.

Start investing to help you to overcome frustration.

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