A misconception or false notion (वहम)- Mental Disorder

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As you read the heading you understood the concept. Most people do not live with reality but make misconceptions in their minds and live all their lives with these false notions.

A misconception is a wrong assumption that something that we see, feel, and understand is real but the reality is different from our thoughts or understanding.

But over time things change and there is nothing in this world that is permanent. So do not fix things in the mind instead of that be flexible and focus on things that you love to do.

I know that it sounds useless to read this article completely but I am telling my truth.

It may cause depression or may you live your life in sorrow due to misconceptions.

If your life is not good then you should understand it and see what you believe causes the problem or if there is something else that should be corrected.

Nobody else outside of the world can understand you fully except you and your parents.

The misconception is a topic that is less talk in public, everybody has different misconceptions in their life.

I am not a motivational speaker or can not make wrong opinions about anything so please ask yourself that you live with misconceptions and try to solve them.

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