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Suhani Shah

Suhani Shah (Magician & Mentalist) Wiki, Biography, Career, YouTube, & Social Profiles

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Suhani Shah is an Indian YouTuber, magiacian, and mentalist. Her journey is inspiring for the young generation especially for girls because she didn’t go through the formal education system in spite of that she followed her interest and made a career out of it. In the article, we read about the full bio of Suhani so stay tuned till the end.

Suhani Shah Biography/Wiki

NameSuhani Shah
Date of Birth29 January 1990
Age33 years (as of 29 January 2023)
Birth PlaceUdaipur, Rajasthan, India
First ShowAhmedabad (22 October 1997)
Father’s NameChandra Kant Shah
Mother’s NameSnehlata Shah
Zodiac SignAquarius
Height5′-3″ or 160cm
Famous ForFirst female magician/mentalist in India
Suhani Shah with her family
Suhani Shah with her family

Suhani did not complete her education and dropped out after 12th due to her tours all over the world. She never took a formal education and he often admitted that her life experiences taught her more than the formal education. She completed her basic education through homeschooling.

Suhani’s father is a fitness consultant and personal trainer. Suhani is the younger child of her parents with one elder brother. She lives her single happy life with her parents.

Suhani Shah Career

Suhani is the first Indian female magician and her career spans over two decades during which she did live workshops, training sessions, conference talks, and live performances. Her journey is going on and after the lockdown period, she shifted online and did her shows live on YouTube.

Suhani’s journey started when she performed on her 7th birthday in front of a lot of people including the respected Chief Minister of Gujrat(Sh. Shankersinh Vaghela). As a child, Suhani was interested in magic, and her parents also supported her. With the support of her parents, Suhani reached new heights.

During her childhood days in Ahmedabad, she found a group of magician’s assistants who were living in the small town of Kalol. She got in touch with her and they agreed to teach her. She went for nine months of training and learned everything from magic to dialogues to presentations.

Suhani Shah
Suhani Shah

While doing international shows English language was a barrier to her till the age of 14 and she learned English on her own. So till now, we learned from her that her growth came from self-learning.

Suhani Shah has done more than 5000+ shows in her career till now and continuing her journey. She has a Guinness Book of World Records for the youngest magician. All India Magic Association gave her the title Jadoopari.

She has a clinic in Goa named Suhani Mindcare where she uses hypnosis to treat people or you can say that she is a clinical Hypnotherapist.

In 2006 she published her first book Unleash Your Hidden Powers with Jaico Publication House.

Due to the lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic, she is free and there are no shows to do so she started publishing her own YouTube videos and now Suhani is very active on her YouTube channel.

Suhani has a web show named That’s My Job where she invites guests and gives the task to the guests to guess the profession of the participants.

People often asked her about her supernatural powers and these people were mostly superstitious. This encouraged her to learn human psychology and she wrote a book about it which I mentioned above.

In 2020, Suhani also appeared in the Amazon Prime show Breathe Into The Shadows as Divyanka.

Recently Suhani added a new quality to her mentalism. In 2017, she went to the Himalayas to live in a Buddhist monastery where she practiced silence for about 20 days. After that, she took a long break and started mentalism as a career.

Facts about Suhani

  • She has two dogs named Steve and Aakash. The smaller one is Steve and the other is Aakash.
  • Suhani has a tattoo on her wrist with the sign of peace, a smiling emoticon, love, and faith.

Suhani’s social profiles

Suhani Shah Instagram

She has 1.5 million followers on Instagram. Suhani is short in height and often shares pics of daily activities and work. She looks very beautiful in her images and often shares her pics with a cute and open smile.

To know the story of Suhani Shah you can check her TED Talks below.

How does Suhani Shah read the mind?

She learned it and has good knowledge of human psychology that’s why she can read the minds of people. Basically, she asks you some questions and tries to understand what you are thinking. The full detail we can not tell because it is only known by her.

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