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Vartika Jha

Vartika Jha (Dancer) Biography, Networth, Social Profile, Lifestyle, Career, FAQs, and relationship status

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Vartika Jha is a popular Indian female dancer and hip-hoper. She first appeared in the dance reality show ‘Dance + season 4’. She appeared in various dance shows and her dance moves make her different from others.

So here we talk about the biography of the Vartika Jha. You got to know many unknown things about Vartika.


NameVartika Jha
Date of Birth8 April 2000
FatherArvind Kumar Jha
MotherKanta Jha
BirthplaceRenusagar, Shobhadra, Utter Pradesh
Height163 cm
SisterPrerna Jha
First movieStreet Dancer 3D
First ShowDance Deewane(2018)


At the start of her career, she participates in local dance competitions. She got the first position in the NTPC singles. She participated in the state-level Boogie-Boogie program but can not get through it so she continued practicing dancing.

She got the popularity after the show Dance Deewane in 2018 and after that, she participated in Remo Dsouza’s show Dance Plus season 4 in which she reached the finals. Remo liked her performances so much that he announced on the show that Vartika will be part of his next movie ‘Street Dancer 3D’.

She can also be seen in the show India’s best dancer where she choreographed many performances.

She belongs to a middle-class brahmin family and after seeing her passion for dance her parents hired a trainer for her at a very young. Vartika also participated in very state-level dance competitions.

Vartika has a very unique dance style and is known for her moves and hip hop dance. She gains popularity after participating in the dance reality show ‘Dance Plus’. Vartika is the second runner-up on the dance reality show ‘Dance Plus Season 4’.

Her performance video with Sanchit on the show India’s Best Dancer season 2 got viral and was liked by the audience. Remo liked the style of Sanchit.

In the movie Street Dancer 3D, she played the role of Samaira.

Vartika Jha
Vartika Jha (Image Credit: Facebook/imvartikajha)

Vartika’s performance

Courtesy: Star Plus

Vartika Jha’s Networth

It is estimated that the net worth is Vartika Jha is around 1 million USD.

Vartika’s Social profiles

On the internet, some have mentioned that Pirates and crew is the YouTube channel of Vartika but originally it is not. As you check through the channel there is a lot of other people’s content and there is no mention in the bio that it is her official channel.

Vartika Jha Animations is also a channel of Vartika but she is not active on any of these YouTube channels but you can see her old videos.

Vartika Jha_Official is Vartika’s official channel because it is mentioned in her Instagram bio.

Relationship Status

Currently, she is single and she doesn’t expose her relationship status. But there is not any clue about it so it can be considered that she is completely focused on her career.

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Is Vartika Jha a Choreographer?

Yes, Vartika is a choreographer and she did the choreography for the dance reality show India’s Best Dancer.

Is Vartika single?

Yes, currently she is single.

What is the age of Vartika?

As of now, Vartika is 22 years old.

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