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Anubhav Dubey (Credit: Instagram/anubhavdubey1)

Anubhav Dubey Biography, wiki, Instagram, Facts, and net worth

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Anubhav Dubey is an Indian entrepreneur who is the co-founder of Chai Sutta Bar along with Anand Nayak in 2016. He started his Chai business in Delhi where he go for the preparation of UPSC.

At the start of his business, they only have 3 lakh rupees. At the start of his business, they served the tea for free and gather all his friends to fill the place so that they can attract an audience. His friends came because there is a girl’s hostel nearby. There is also another strategy that if girls come for tea then everybody else will definitely come.

Now his business is more than 100 crores in revenue. Basically, there is no investor in his business and it is bootstrapped completely.

His first business is in his college days, where he collects funds from his friends and bought second-hand phones to use and give them to his friends also to use it. After some use of smartphones, he sells them and earns some profit.

Even his business Chai Sutta Bar started without knowing his parents. His parents think that he is preparing for the UPSC exam but he selling tea. But after the success of his business, his dad is satisfied that he is doing good in it.

Now let’s see first see the biography of Anubhav Dubey.

Anubhav Dubey
Anubhav Dubey (Credit: Instagram/anubhavdubey1)


He is currently 28 years old and there is no more information available about his family. According to some sources he Rewa, Madhya Pradesh.

His Chai Sutta Bar has more than 250+ outlets across and outside India. He is young and working to build his brand across the globe. Anubhav is the inspiration for many people who want to build their own businesses.

You heard of MBA Chai Wala who also build his brand and franchise from scratch and has outlets outside India. But Anubhav has the first mover advantage and he serves Desi Kulad Chai.

Anubhav Dubey Instagram

He has 82.6k followers on Instagram and often shares his pics on it. He sometimes shares inspiring quotes and pics from the functions he attended.

He is also linked with an NGO Farzfoundation and tagged it as the source of happiness in his Instagram bio.

Anubhav Dubey Net Worth

Nobody knows the net worth of Anubhav Dubey in spite of himself. But his company Chai Sutta bar is made a business of more than 100 crores of rupees. So he is a successful entrepreneur but we can not guess his net worth.


  • His business has sales of around 3 lakh tea every day.
  • ‘Chai Sutta Bar’ name is sometimes found unusual by people.
  • NCERT documented the story of Anubhav.
  • His major business comes from the dishes or snacks that they serve along with Chai.

More information will be updated soon.

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