Chobbar Punjabi Movie (2022) Release Date, Cast, Crew, Trailer, and story

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Chobbar Punjabi movie will be going to release on 11 Nov 2022. It is Jayy Randhawa’s second movie in the lead role after Shooter which is banned and not released but people saw it in the leaked version.

Jayy also appeared in the Punjabi movie Teeja Punjab. Chobbar is directed by Maneesh Bhatt while the story of the movie wrote by Dheeraj Kedarnath Rattan and Manila Rattan.

In Chobbar movie you can see Drishti Talwar along with Jayy Randhawa. Jayy can be seen in the role of Chobbar which is the title of the movie that is released under the banner of Geet Mp3.

After watching trailer 1, I can definitely tell that this will be going to an action-packed movie.

Chobbar Punjabi Movie
Chobbar Punjabi Movie (Still from the official trailer)

Chobbar Punjabi Movie Cast

Chobbar is the debut movie of Drishti Talwar.

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Chobbar Punjabi Movie Official Trailer 1

The trailer of the movie starts with the bike riding in the wall of death. Jayy tells us that we are bad and told this for himself.

Jayy starts the trailer and starts the story with his dialogue. He told that the thing is old one man went for prey and saw a wild duck with golden wings. He got in greedy and snatched the wings of a wild duck and the wild duck died.

He went to the Goldsmith with snatched gold wings then the Goldsmith break his misconception because the wings are fake. But the priceless thing is the Diamond which is in the stomach of the wild duck.

Now, where he got the diamond because a wild duck is killed by him, Understood. At the end of trailer 1, Jayy said that the terror should be in the eyes otherwise the watchman also has a weapon.

Source: Official Trailer

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