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Medal Punjabi Movie (Still from the official trailer)

Medal Punjabi Movie (2023) Release Date, Movie Review, Cast, Crew, Story, & Official Trailer

Medal is an upcoming Punjabi movie that will release on 2 June 2023 in cinemas near you. Jayy Randhawa and Baani Sandhu are in the lead roles in the film. Maneesh Bhatt is the director while Jassi Lokha, Gaurav Bhatia, & Dixit Sahni are the movie’s producers.

Jayy already appeared in Punjabi movies like Shooter and Chobbar of the same kind but Baani Sandhu is making her acting debut with the movie. Baani is a musical queen of Punjabi music and now she tried her hand at acting.

Medal Punjabi Movie
Medal Punjabi Movie (Still from the official trailer)

Medal Punjabi Movie Cast

Medal Punjabi Movie Crew

DirectorManeesh Bhatt
WritterJassi Lokha
DOPNiraj Singh
EditorMandip Singh
Action DirectorParamjeet Dhillon
Nishant Abdul Khan
Music DirectorAvvy Sra
Costume DesignerSandeep Rana
Visual EffectsZorro Media
Art DirectorParminder Singh Azad
Associate DirectorIqbal Singh Gill

Medal Punjabi Movie Story

It is the story of a boy who wants to win a medal for the country but later due to his situation he becomes a gangster named Raja. It is the rivalry story of an athlete who is used by someone to win a medal and spoiled or changed the career of a boy from an athlete to a gangster.

There is also a love side of the story that reflects the good side of the main character. The story of the movie is fully action packed and Javy is also known for his gangsta movies.

The story of the movie is written by Jassi Lokha.

Medal Punjabi Movie Official Trailer

official trailer

Medal Punjabi Movie Review

I watched the movie and loved it. There is not even one scene where you feel missed out. Every scene is perfect in the movie. The story, screenplay, acting, concept, music, everything is on point. I think it is the personal best performance of Jayy in the movie.

It is the story of the kid who want to win the medal but got stuck in a situation where his fellow athlete put him. Before that, he is an innocent kid who want to win a medal in racing but the situations around him stopped his way and put him in a situation where he became a gangster.

Raja is the main character of the movie, arrested by police in a drug dealing case which is influenced by his fellow athlete who late became DSP. Raja slowly killed almost everybody who came in his way but left the DSP.

Raja himself is shot dead by the DSP who is the main villain in the movie. Basically, DSP wins in the movie but the movie is a good satire on the system in Punjab.

After watching this movie, it can be definitely said that the Punjabi Cinema is growing and making movies that are at the level of Indian cinema.

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