Do not know what to do with my life

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I do not know what to do with my life. I want to earn money but can not able to understand what to do.

This question is big nowadays in my life and I am trying to do a lot of things like architectural work, blogging, youtube, podcasting, etc.

People on YouTubers show that it is easy to earn money with blogging and content creating or affiliate marketing but it does not seem to.

So I understand one point till now do not run over things which we do not understand and money is important for survival.

Maybe, in the long run, I am able to generate online income but till now didn’t earn a penny to date.

It is possible that you can get succeed on youtube, blogging, and digital marketing because everybody has a different understanding and work style.

There is some part of our life that is destiny although I do not believe in it still there is one corner inside me that does not stop believing.

The big question in my mind was where to put focus on money or passion or things which we love to do.

Comment below what your situation is and what you think about life.

There may be fact that I do not want to work. But still, life is a long journey and we need something to hold on to.

For some of you, it is confusing and not interesting but here it is as I am feeling right now. Nobody knows the future or there is no future that exists only the present and it decides everything our past or future.

Did you get my point? I think not fully but if you read till now then you also want something different from life but do not know what.

Maybe you are reading this 10 years down the line.

One lesson that I learned from life is never give up that’s it.

Vinay Garg
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