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Confident during a conversation Photo by Tim Douglas

How to Look Confident During a Conversation

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Appearing confident during a conversation involves a combination of body language, verbal communication, and self-assuredness. Here are some tips to help you look confident.

Maintain Eye Contact:

Make consistent, but not overly intense, eye contact. It shows that you are engaged and attentive. Eye contact is one of the critical points while you are having a conversation. It shows that you are listening and understanding the talk.


Stand or sit up straight with your shoulders relaxed. Good posture reflects confidence and presence. Posture should be like that in which you feel confident and don’t seem odd to the opposite person.


A genuine smile conveys warmth and approachability, making you seem more confident and friendly. A genuine smile means it is not an enforceable smile but rather a light smile that comes from within you. It should be pure and free from any kind of fakeness.

Speak Clearly and Slowly:

Enunciate your words clearly and avoid speaking too quickly. Speaking at a moderate pace indicates that you are composed and in control. Nervousness also plays a vital role in it, make sure your nerves are in control and try to speak at your natural speed not too fast or not too slow.

Confident during a conversation
Confident during a conversation Photo by Tim Douglas

Avoid Fidgeting:

Minimize nervous gestures like tapping your fingers, shaking of foot, playing with your hair, or shifting your weight excessively. These actions can give off an impression of anxiety. Try to avoid these things and be gentle while talking to look confident.


Use purposeful and measured gestures to emphasize your points. Avoid excessive or erratic movements that might come across as unsure.

Active Listening:

Please pay close attention to the person speaking, nodding occasionally to show that you’re engaged and understanding their words.

Confident Tone:

Speak with a steady and confident tone. Avoid ending your sentences as if you’re asking a question, which can make you seem unsure.

Positive Self-Talk:

Before the conversation, remind yourself of your strengths and abilities. Positive self-talk can help boost your confidence. This topic means that always believe in yourself and do not move with a second thought in mind that you are wrong.

Make sure you have self-respect for yourself in your eyes as it encourages you for positive self-talk.


Being well-informed about the topic of conversation can significantly enhance your confidence. Do your research beforehand if possible and make sure you have enough knowledge about things and topics that you regularly deal with or part of your life. Try to learn something new every day which makes you well prepared for any kind of talk.

Engage and Ask Questions:

Showing interest in the conversation by asking thoughtful questions demonstrates your engagement and confidence in your ability to hold the conversation.

It doesn’t mean that ask random questions. Questions should be interesting and knowledgeable, they should have a point that the second person understands and explains.


Stay in the present moment and focus on the conversation rather than worrying about how you’re perceived. Mindfulness can help you feel more composed. Overthinking can be harmful for mindfulness, try to see life as it is without any kind of mind filter or through thought.

Practice Empathy:

Empathetic listening can help you connect with the other person and create a positive atmosphere, which in turn boosts your confidence.

Accept Imperfection:

Remember that it’s okay not to have all the answers. Being open about what you don’t know and willing to learn displays confidence in your willingness to grow.

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The more you practice these techniques, the more naturally confident you will become over time.

Remember that confidence isn’t about pretending to know everything or being arrogant, it’s about being comfortable in your skin and effectively expressing yourself. Start with these tips and adjust them to suit your style and comfort level.

In the end, after understanding all the steps above it is up to you how you conversate with a person. These points are basic and for a conversation with confidence, you have to keep growing and exploring new things, Create a mindset and aura that people find interesting and like to talk with you.

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