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Noor Alfallah (Source:Instagram)

Noor Alfallah Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Career, Relationships, & Networth

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Noor Alfallah is a film producer and actress. She gained some media attention in 2017 when she was reportedly in a relationship with Mick Jagger, the lead singer of the Rolling Stones. She is now dating the Godfather actor Al Pacino and is pregnant with his child. Alfallah previously dated a lot of rich old men. To know more about her see the below sections.

Noor Alfallah Biography

NameNoor Alfallah
Date of Birth2 Dec 1993
Age29 years (As of 2 Dec 2022)
Father NameFalah N Al-Falah
Mother NameAlana Alfallah
Sisters NameRemi Alfallah
Sophia Alfallah
Brother NameNasser Falah
Zodiac SignSaggittarius
SchoolUSC School of Cinematic Arts
CollegeULCA School of Theatre, Film, & Television
ProfessionFilm Producer
Boyfriend NamesMick Jagger
Nicoles Berggruen
Clint Eastwood (Rumored)
Al Pacino
Marital StatusUnmarried
Networth3.0-3.5 Million USD

Noor Alfallah was born on 2 December 1993 in Kuwait later her family moved to the USA. She was brought up in Beverly Hills, California, USA. She is a successful film producer and famous for her affairs with overaged people.

Noor Alfallah with her dad in childhood

She belongs to a rich Kuwaiti American family. Her father is from Kuwait while her mother Alana is from the American accent. She has two sisters Sophia & Remi Alfallah and one brother Nasser Falah.

Noor Alfallah with her mother
Noor Alfallah with her mother

Noor is a student at UCLA School of Theatre, Film, and Television. She also attended the USC School of Cinematic Arts to learn more about the industry. If you check her IMDB profile then you see her work includes Billy Knight, Little Death, Brosa Nostra, etc.

Noor and her sister Remi
Noor and her sister Remi

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Noor Alfallah Career

Noor produced her first film at the age of 20 in 2014 when she produced ‘Streets of LIfe’. It is a documentary on awareness about homeless people. She is also the executive producer of the short film ‘Brosa Nostra’ which was released in 2016.

Noor Alfallah
Noor Alfallah (Source:Instagram)

Noor Alfallah Affairs/Relationships

In 2015, she started dating Mick Jagger who is a singer and 50 years older than her. It was reported that they broke up in December 2018. She met Jagger during his tour in Paris, she was introduced by Brett Ratner, who is an American director and producer.

Now it is in reports are coming that Al Pacino is becoming a father at the age of 83. He is in a relationship with Noor Alfallah since 2022. She is almost 8 months pregnant. They both were spotted together at Felix Trattoria in Venice.

Noor Alfallah with Bennet Miller & Al Paccino
Noor Alfallah with Bennet Miller & Al Pacino

Noor previously dated Mick Jagger and Nicoles Berggruen. There are also rumors that she was dating Clint Eastwood but she cleared through a statement that he is a family friend.

Noor Alfallah with Nicolas
Noor Alfallah with Nicolas

Noor Alfallah Instagram

She currently has 50.6k followers on Instagram and randomly posts on it. She shared her first post on Insta on 18 October 2012 and it includes the photo of a statue of Panda.

Images Source: Noor Alfallah’s Instagram

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