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The algorithm in the digital world – Working Guide and Importance

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The algorithm is like AI which works behind a system or software like YouTube, Google, Facebook, etc.

An algorithm is now made in coding language in a computer and it works on auto mode to do its work.

An algorithm is the set of rules to be followed in operations, especially in a computer to solve problems.

Basically, it is an important part of the AI and without the algorithm, there is no system that can exist today.

Algorithms are used by different companies for different purposes. An algorithm is a set of instructions to calculate and process the data to get a certain output.

Algorithms speed up the process to calculate things manually. Most companies use this algorithm because it makes their work easy.

Some algorithms are the basis of artificial intelligence.

As you can see in the movie The Free Guy and I tell you that after watching the movie you can understand the core concept of an algorithm in a better way.

For example GPS, recipes, traffic signals, facial recognition, the functionality of search engines and other digital processes, etc.

Types of algorithms

The type of algorithms here I mention are not only related to computer or software rather it is overall in use.

  1. Simple recursive algorithms
  2. Back tracking algorithms
  3. Divide and conquer algorithms
  4. Dynamic programming algorithms
  5. Greedy algorithms
  6. Branch and bound algorithms
  7. Brute force algorithms
  8. Randomized algorithms

Simple recursive algorithms

It is a type of algorithm in which the problem is divided into smaller parts called the base case. The algorithm took recursive steps to solve the problem by applying the same function. With each step, inputs decrease in size and become easier.

For example, Fibonacci and generation of factorial are the two examples of simple recursive algorithms.

Back tracking algorithms

It is a brute-force algorithm technique in which the function repeats itself until it finds a viable solution.

It is useful or effective for optimization and decision problems.

it is best for problem those does not have a time limit.

Divide and conquer algorithms

In these algorithms, problems are subdivided into smaller problems that are easily soluble.

This technique has three parts divide, conquer, and combine.

In the divide section, the problem is subdivided into short and smaller problems.

Further, in conquer section, the small problems are resolved til recursively till the solution is not met.

In the combine section, all the solutions are combined to get the final solution.

Dynamic programming algorithms

In the algorithm, the problem is subdivided into smaller problems and when any sub-problem is solved its solution is stored for future use.

Thus this made this algorithm works faster because of the stored solutions.

Greedy algorithms:

Greedy algorithms are used for optimization problems like it make an optimal choice at each step to find the solution of the problem in an optimal way.

It is successful on many occasions but has limitations also and can not be applied to many problems.

Many times these algorithms fail to find the globally optimized solution. It happens because it does not consider all the data during the process.

Branch and bound algorithms

Branch and bound is an algorithm that is generally used for solving combinatorial optimization problems.

These problems are typically exponential in terms of time complexity and may require exploring all possible permutations in the worst case.

The Branch and Bound Algorithm technique solves problems relatively quickly.

Brute force algorithms

Brute force algorithms use computer programs to solve problems with every possibility instead of relying on smart algorithms to improve efficiency.

This algorithm checks all aspects of a problem and brings the best solution.

Randomized algorithms

An algorithm that uses random numbers to solve problems with logic is called a randomized algorithm.

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(Note: I am not promoting anything in this post and it is an informational post. Making an algorithm is not an easy task because it requires knowledge of calculus, coding, and other functions.)

Vinay Garg
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