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What is peace and how to get it?

Soon or later in the near future people forget or do not feel peace. Because humanity getting complex with the passage of time. Everybody is so fussed in life that you doesn’t have time for family, friends or children. The main focus of most people is money and if not then they are indulged inhumanly pleasures. But nobody tries to understand life, there are very few people who think like that.

What is peace?

We find peace from very deep inside but do not know from the outside ourselves. We find peace in worldly pleasures but it is not like that. Peace like not want to get anything and satisfy what I got. Peace is in small things which have no value but you love to do.

I know that money is necessary for living standards but it is not everything, there is a vast world beyond money and your thinking. You can not see it with your eyes but can see with your mind. Many of you do not understand these things. For example, You go to Satsang to hear the words of saints because it feels good to hear. However, you do not understand the words of the saints fully.

The knowledge of saints is very vast but it is also limited in terms of their understanding abilities. I am not telling you that I know everything it is just a viewpoint. By our nature, we believe somebody else very early. Do not come to conclusions because many times things changes with time and so do the conclusions. The world is changing rapidly and to understand mankind or nature we have to broaden our think abilities.

It is easy to say than done like I am telling but you try to live life differently people start criticising and you come to your old life within days. So, try to make things easier not difficult and do not think that how can this be easily done. It is easy and the world is simple, it is mankind who make it complicated. Now our question is what is peace and how to get it?

How to get peace?

The answer to this question is nobody can tell you because it is your life and only you can find it, So stop finding it outside but see in yourself. You see on youtube motivational videos and the content you get did not work in real life. The person in the video, is doing their work and the content may help you and may not but when you find things on your own it definitely works.

Green Land
The beautiful nature filled with peace

In conclusion, hope this article helps you to know the value of time click here.

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