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Images without copyright

Where can I find free images without copyright?

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There are a lot of sites from which you can get free images without copyright and you can use them on your blog, video or something else but you can not sell, redistribute or license the image without the permission of the owner of the image.

If you mention the name of the copyrighter of the image then it is appreciated otherwise you can use it freely.

Copyright-free images mean you can use that image freely but there is no photographer in the world that give his image freely. So that’s why the free images are licensed but you can use them on your work but not further sell it.

Images without copyright
Images without copyright

There are various sites from which you can find copyright-free images but I mostly use the three sites that I mentioned below.


Unsplash is a platform for the photographer’s community where you can share your images under the license of Unsplash from 2021 Unsplash is owned by Getty images.

You can use photos for commercial and non-commercial purposes and able to download images for free from its site. No permission is required regarding the use of images but you can not sell and replicate the same service with the image.


It is a free stock and video website that can help bloggers or content creators who find Images or visuals for their content and it is free to use.

According to the license of Pexels, you can download and modify images from its site. It is free to use the images but does not sell images from the site.


I think Pixbay is mostly used to download copyright-free images for blogs and other platforms. The license of its use is the same as all of the above and I do not think that there is a major difference in the license. You can use this license to download, copy, modify the image for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

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