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Zehan – New Punjabi Singer

Firstly, Zehan is an upcoming Punjabi singer. Secondly, He recently released his single “Hisaban Kitaban” on his Youtube channel Jugnee music. It gets adequate views and adds value to Punjabi music.

Furthermore, his latest single ‘Pyaar hoya eh’ starring Prince Narula and Yuvika Chaudhary is released. This song is released on the YouTube channel winning records.

Live performance at Patran :

Therefore, the Song credits of Amri Nu Trla:

  • Singer – Zehan
  • Writer – Sant Ram Udasi Ji
  • Music – AKS
  • Asst.Director – Baljeet Singh
  • DOP – Vedpal
  • Editor – Arsh
  • Online Promotion – Rocks Media
  • Production – Harman Bhinder Productions
  • Directed By – Manpreet Bhatti

His first song is Amri nu Tarla on the Jugnee music YouTube channel.

Furthermore, Hisaban Kitaban is a song by Zehan and presented by Jugnee music.

A meaningful mixture of eloquent lyrics, expressive music, and passionate voice.

The entire team listed below worked hard and wholeheartedly to make this project come to life.

This is to say, A song is not only the singer`s hard work but also the whole team`s hard work.

Credits for the song are given below:

  • Song: Hisaban Kitaban
  • Singer/Composer: Zehan
  • Lyrics: Jagjit Inder
  • Music: Jaymeet
  • Director: Prince Kaoni
  • Mix Master: BPM
  • Live Violin: Ashgar
  • Female Lead: Jazzie Kaur
  • Female Vocal: Khushpreet Kaur
  • Makeup Artist: Simran Chahal

Official video of Hisaban Kitaban :

Most importantly, Pyar hoya Ae song is a story of a divine love song featuring Prince and Yuvika.

You all know about prince and Yuvika, prince get famous after winning of Roadies X2 show. 

Yuvika is an Indian actress who can be seen in many movies and serials.

Zehan is a new face that gets recognition after this song.

There is very little information is available about him, so I try to update Zehan in future posts.

Above all Song credits:

  • Singer:    Zehan
  • Lyrics:    Khara
  • Compose:    Zehan & Yovan Sandhu
  • Music:  Jaymeet
  • Featuring:  Prince Narula &  Yuvika Chaudhary
  • Video director:  Gaurav K Mehra
  • DOP:  Vicky Malhi
  • label:    Wiinning Records

Zehan has a good bond with Prince Narula and now he is working on his new single ‘Hathan Cho’, which going to release soon.

Zehan Songs with Prince Narula and Yuvika Chaudary


Pyar Hoya Ae

Tera Mera Naam

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