You are currently viewing Watch ‘Wish dragon’ an animated movie only on Netflix

Watch ‘Wish dragon’ an animated movie only on Netflix

Story of the movie :

‘Wish dragon’ movie is recently released on Netflix. It is the story of din and liana. Din go to school and Liana also. They both play together, fly kites, measure the height of each other and fight.

Eventually, they became friends and swore to each other to be best friends for a lifetime. But soon after that their lifestyle became different. Liana moves to a rich life with his father.

Din remembers liana, he started to do a side job to buy a suit on the birthday of Liana. During that, on one of his delivery, he goes to a strange broken house. In that house, an old man meets him and give him a teapot with a wishing dragon.

After that, when din meets the wish dragon. Wish the dragon found him silly, din asks stupid questions to the dragon. Then a strange man come along with two stupid persons, they want that teapot, din start running and made a wish that he can fight. So, his first wish is granted. He became a kungfu master Then after fighting with those guys he return home.

On the next day, he summoned the dragon and take a ride with him to the place of Liana. He wants his friend back, then the dragon tells him that he can’t do it because he can’t anyone to love him and like the return of a friend. Wish the dragon sees him as a stupid and silly person. Wish dragon tell him that he can wish for gold, money, fame, power etc. But then he wishes to become a price for Twenty four hours.

Din after becoming prince meet Liana, she doesn’t remember him. Then he performs a magical performance. Liana leaves his birthday party, Din goes after Liana and found him weeping. They both talked for some time. Liana`s father called and Liana talk to his father on a video call and his father found Din a rich person and fixed din and Liana`s meeting. Din introduces himself as a Dan to Liana.

Din returns home, the guy, who is finding him, waiting outside the house but he goes through the window. His mother came and was angry with him because he acting weird. He and his mother belong to a poor family. That’s why his mother wants him to concentrate on his future.

The next day Din goes with his wished dragon to go to meet Liana. The guy who is finding the teapot doesn’t know the secret of the teapot. but the father of Liana knows that maybe he become rich by wishing. But now his company performing worst and he wants that teapot.

Din tells Liana about his truth then he and she go back to old places for living all the old moments. Then he got a call from his dad and go back to him. She asked his father if even he missed his last days. She also tells about her old friend din. His father ran to meet in.

Din ask the wish dragon to fulfil his last wish that he wants to become rich. But wish dragon tells about his past life to him. Then he tells Din the story of himself. He tells that he is born a prince and lives a rich life but when he died nobody was around him for the last time. When he goes to heaven then God makes him a Wish dragon so that he can learn the true meaning of life which he learns from Din.

Now they, Liana’s father and the men, come for the teapot. The other man throws Liana`s father from scaffolding. Then the dragon becomes gold when he saves din from the other man. Finally, when he reached heaven. Long, the wish dragon wants to return but god only permits when he re-completes the circle of fulfilling the wishes of ten masters.

Then he returns and fulfils din`s wish to save Liana`s father. Then they happily lived. Din also finds the wish dragon again and found that he does all This for him. Then dragon goes for his Wish dragon life again.

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I love to watch anime movies like this. I see a lot of movies like this. Have you seen how to train your dragon, frozen, boss baby, dragon ball Super: Broly etc? Try to watch anime movies it brings happiness.

I hope you like my post. also don’t forget to see the trailer and if you want to watch the movie then go and buy a Netflix membership.

Wish Dragon is an animated movie which is released on Netflix. You can watch this movie with a Netflix subscription. For more information go on Wikipedia.

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