King Rocco is the new singer or rapper on youtube with more than 1 million subscribers

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King Rocco is an artist, singer and lyricist. He creates his own music videos and publishes it on his YouTube channel. After the show, MTV hustle he gets massive recognition and his album on YouTube gets boosted. I like his song Gumshuda, Tu Aake Dekhle and The Gorilla bounce album. Now, the king is releasing his singles on his YouTube channel back to back. King’s lyrics style is unique and it is more like a rhyme, unlike others who are following the trend king go the unique way and write and sing their way of seeing things and emotions.

His songs lyrics are awesome and the singing of king Rocco is outstanding. Go on his youtube and check out his other songs.

Recently in lockdown and after that King released is two albums named The Carnival and The Gorilla bounce. His songs like Tu Aake Dekle, no loss, iiconic etc. are more popular these days.

It seems easy to create a song but it is not that easy. A lot of hard work is done by singers. Nowadays, most singers are also composers and lyricists of their own songs.

Popular songs of King:

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