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Criminal Punjabi Movie (Still from the official trailer)

Criminal Punjabi Movie (2022) Cast, Trailer, Release Date, and Story

The criminal Punjabi movie was released on 23 September 2022 in the theatres. It is a crime suspense thriller movie. Neeru Bajwa, Dheeraj Kumar, Prince Kawaljit, and Raghveer Boli are in the main lead roles in the movie.

It is produced by Gippy Grewal and Big Daddy Films. The criminal movie has made under the direction of Garinder Sidhu.

It is the story of a dangerous criminal and a dangerous mind. Also, the shooting of scenes is very intense.

Sarvjit Khera and Naveen Jethi wrote the story and screenplay of the movies. The film is released under the banner of Humble Motion Pictures.

The cast of the Criminal Punjabi Movie



It is the story of a very dangerous criminals. The story starts with the attack on the van of police which is taking the prisoners to prison. 5 criminals escaped from the van of police.

Among the 5 criminals, there is one named Tunni aka Tanveer Sharma who murdered a person in the daylight.

The second one is Demu aka Davinder Singh has under 307 and the third one is Kappa aka Karamjit Singh which has more than a dozen cases.

The fourth criminal is the Master and when the Master aka Malkit Singh is in the city the girls are not safe.

The fifth and last criminal is Bharpoor Singh aka Bhoora, who does meditation to keep his mind silent. If anybody disturbs him during his meditation then he never forgives.

Criminal Punjabi Movie
Criminal Punjabi Movie (Still from the official trailer)

The dialogues in the movie are also very intense.

There is a blockade in the city and criminals can not go out of the city. Now Police have to find where they are hidden.

All 5 criminals are hiding in a house of society. There is also a couple in the house but they are hidden in a place of the house that criminals do not know.

There is a scene where Bhoora asks his fellow criminal how to kill a person with scissors or a pistol. Then he says that with enjoyment.

In the end, I can tell that it is the best suspense thriller of Pollywood or Punjabi cinema to date.

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