You are currently viewing Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness full movie in Hindi (2022)

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness full movie in Hindi (2022)

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The Multiverse of Madness full movie is about the multiverse that is opened after the casting of a forbidden spell. This includes an alternate version of Dr. Strange who is so powerful that Strange, Wong, and Wanda Maximoff can not stand against it.

It is an American superhero-based movie. Dr. Strange is the character of Marvel Comics.

In the first part of the previous installment of the movie, the villain is Door Mamu. Baron Mordo the friend of Dr. Strange leaves him in the end because he used black or forbidden magic. You may see the characters of the first movie in this part as well.

As you see in No Way Home strange casts a spell on Peter Parker that is spelled so many times that it goes out of control. After that, everybody who knows Peter is Spider-man comes into their world from the multiverse although they are dead.

The interesting thing is who going to be the villain in the movie or It is Doctor Strange’s variant who is the Villain as you can see at the end of the teaser.

Kang the Conqueror also can be seen in the multiverse in the future. But for now, the rumor is that Tom Cruise can be seen as Iron Man in the movie. It is enjoyable to watch Tom Cruise as the Iron Man.

The focus point of the movie now is that I can see why Strange goes for the help of Wanda.

Multiverse is the concept that there is a different world living together and it is complicated for many of us to understand it.

The story moves with the adventure of Doctor Stephen Strange and his research on the Time Stone.


The Multiverse of the Madness full movie is the 28th movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sam Raimi directed the film which is scripted by Jade Halley Bartlett and Michael Waldron.

The cast of the movie

Real NameCharacter Name
Benedict CumberbatchDr. Stephen Strange
Rachel McAdamsDr. Christine Palmer
Benedict WongWong
Xochitl GomezAmerica Chavez
Tony McCarthyPolice(uncredited)
Elizabeth OlsenWanda Maximoff
Michael StuhlbargDr. Nicodemus West
Chiwetel EjioforMordo
Soo ColeNovice Warrior(uncredited)

Dr Strange Wallpaper

Multiverse of Madness
The Multiverse of Madness full movie(Image source:

Backend Crew of the Movie

CrewType of Work
Sam RaimiDirection
Jade Halley Barlett and Michael WaldronWriter
Scott Derickson and Kevin FeigeProducer
Danny ElfmanComposer
John MathiesonCinematography
Sarah FinnCasting
John BushSet Decoration
Graham ChurchyardCostume Design

The movie is going to release on May 6 2022 in the USA with a running time of 130 minutes.

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Release Date of the movie In various countries

CountryRelease Date
Germany4 May 2022
France4 May 2022
Italy4 May 2022
South Korea4 May 2022
Netherlands4 May 2022
Philli[ines4 May 2022
Sweden4 May 2022
Australia5 May 2022
Denmark5 May 2022
Greece5 May 2022
Hungry5 May 2022
Mexico5 May 2022
Portugal5 May 2022
Russia5 May 2022
Singapore5 May 2022
Slovakia5 May 2022
Thailand5 May 2022
Ukraine5 May 2022
United Arab Emirates6 May 2022
Bulgaria6 May 2022
Brazil6 May 2022
Canada6 May 2022
Spain6 May 2022
Finland6 May 2022
UK6 May 2022
Ireland6 May 2022
India6 May 2022
Iceland6 May 2022
Lituania6 May 2022
Turkey6 May 2022
Poland6 May 2022
Romania6 May 2022
USA6 May 2022

Facts about Multiverse of Madness

The plot of the movie is right after the No Way Home Spider-Man movie.

You can see Karl Mordo in the movie who is the friend of the strange.

You will see Christine in a wedding dress in the movie but it is not sure whether he is marrying strange or somebody else.

You can see America Chavez playing an exciting role in the movie. Chavez originates from the Utopian Parallel which is a dimension out of time and of the multiverse. Demiurge formed the world by unbinding magic.

It is also rumored that many other people visit or cameo in movies like X-Men, Deadpool, and Fantastic 4. Rest only can be cleared after watching the movie so wait for to release of the movie.

The Multiverse of Madness movie Official Trailer

Avatar 2 can be the biggest release of the movie and it is going to release in the last month of this year.

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