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Sadhguru aka Jagdish Vasudev a Yoga Guru, Founder of Isha Foundation, Author, Explorer, Traveler

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Sadhguru’s real name is Jagadish Vasudev aka Jaggi and he was born on 3 November 1957. He is a Yoga educator in south India since 1982. Isha Foundation near Coimbatore was established by him in 1992.

Jagdish Vasudev is an Indian spiritual leader and mystic. He is the founder of the Isha Foundation, a non-profit organization that offers personal development programs around the world.

Sadhguru was born in Mysore, Karnataka. His parents were from a village near Madurai in Tamil Nadu. His father was a school headmaster and his mother was a housewife.

He is known for his spiritual work, Yoga, and Isha foundation. His first business was a Poultry farm in Mysore and also partners with a construction company named Buildaids.

He started traveling at the age of 25 because he love to travel. He rented his business to his friend and traveled for about a year.

Sadhguru founded the isha foundation and he is head of the foundation. It is completely run by volunteers and it is a spiritual platform.

He mostly talks in English and it is difficult to understand the wording of him who does not know the language. Sadhguru has worldwide recognition and he attends many seminars and interview sessions.

Interview of Sadhguru

Sadhguru’s Daughter and Family

Sadhguru aka Jagdish Vasudev was born in Mysore, Karnataka, India on 3 September 2022. He is the youngest among five children in his family.

At the age of thirteen, he started to take lessons in Yoga from Malladihalli Raghavendra. He studied in Mysore and completed his graduation in English from the University of Mysore.

He met his wife Vijaya Kumari in 1984 and after some time they married. Vijaya Kumari gave birth to a baby girl in 1990 and she was named Radhe Jaggi. She is a Bharatnatyam dancer who is married to Sandeep Narayan in 2014. His mother died on 22 January 1997 and the father of Vijaya filed an against Sadhguru but no proof is found against him that’s why the case is closed.

Sadhguru with Flying Beast (source: Instagram of Sadhguru)

Sadhguru Age

Sadhguru aka Jagdish Vasudev born on 3 September 1957 and his age accordingly is 64 years + in march 2022.

Sadhguru Quotes

He wrote more than 100 quotes and it is available on the official website of Sadhguru. You can read all the quotes there on his website and a few of the quotes are mentioned below.

Soil being alive is the most important thing because the strength of the soil determines the strength of the life


Whatever you do, just do it well


With a heart full of devotion, meticulousness will come naturally.


Sadhguru Books

For more books, you can click here.

Sadhguru Honors and Awards

Padma Vibushan is the second-highest civilian award that was given to him in 2017 for his work as a spiritual Guru.

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Note: I am not telling whether he is spiritual and devotional or not. All the data here is provided is just the informational content for people.

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