What is the floor test in Indian Constitution?

A floor test is a procedure to check the majority of votes to the Chief Minister selected by the Governor. According to the supreme court of India, the Governor has the power to take a floor test anytime when he feels that the Government in Power or the Chief Minister lost the confidence of the assembly.

The whole test practised in the constitution of India shows the transparency of the Indian constitution.

The floor test is the term used by the majority.

If there is a doubt against the CM of a state then he/she have to prove his majority in the house of assembly.

Composite floor test

It is another test like the floor test but It is different from the floor test.

It is required when there is more than one person who claims to form the government.

Governor can call up for a special session and the decision is taken on the base of present votes.

It can be done by ballot paper or voice process.

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